Bloxstaking is looking for a DAO Relations Lead for the is a decentralized staking infrastructure project that enables the distributed operation of Ethereum validators. We bring real decentralization to Ethereum Staking.

and we’re eager to find the right types of people to help us expand our growing team.

We are seeking someone with legal and crypto background to oversee Blox's engagement with the DAO.

As a contributor, member, and core developer of the DAO and project, Blox would like to promote and improve the DAO's processes, organization, compliance, and overall functioning. The DAO Relations Lead is the person to own this domain within the Company.

The ultimate candidate will understand the world of DAOs thoroughly and remain updated on all new trends and innovations. The successful candidate will be required to work closely with many players and parties engaged with the DAO, and in many cases to establish the relationships themselves.

The tasks shall include the drafting of policies and ideas in an environment of uncertainty without clear precedents. It will further require the candidate to create a network of connections to similar projects from which we can learn and work together.

Within an environment of cutting-edge technology against the backdrop of uncertainty, this position will require the ability to stand your ground when in doubt and to keep up with regulatory and legal standards.

The position shall also include, to some extent, legal work within the team in the fields of tech and commercial.


  • At least 3 years in a law firm or in-house legal. The legal experience should include an understanding of tech, commercial, and regulation (specifically crypto/fintech/securities/financial compliance).
  • Experience in the Crypto industry and preferably with DAO-related projects.
  • Organized, hard-working, tech-savvy, innovative mindset,
  • Can work independently, self-driven, and curious.

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