Blockchain technology is about innovation and re-imagination of the status quo. In 2009, the world heard the first rumblings about Bitcoin and its novel Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. Now, Proof of Stake (PoS), the next stage in blockchain evolution, is here. PoS is a newer consensus mechanism that has the potential to achieve the original goals of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology – decentralization, security, and accessibility for all.

Ethereum, the driving force of the industry is transitioning from a PoW to a PoS consensus mechanism.
We're building the infrastructure to support it.

Staking Infrastructure for All

Bloxstaking is building the protocol - a decentralized staking infrastructure that enables the distributed operation of an Ethereum validator. An open source protocol for simple and scalable access to decentralized ETH staking for all.

We’re on a mission to make ETH staking decentralized, scalable, diverse and accessible for developers, home users and services upon which they will build the future of POS staking solutions.

Meet our Team

  • Alon Muroch

    Founder & CEO

  • Adam Efrima


  • Lior Rutenberg


  • Yoav Shpiller


  • Keren Tow Aizic


  • Ariel Zimroni


  • Gal Rogozinski

    Blockchain Protocol & Researcher

  • Moshe Revah

    Core Blockchain Tech Lead

  • Yosher Lutzki

    Core Blockchain Team Lead

  • Oleg Shmuelov

    Senior Core Blockchain Engineer

  • Nikita Kryuchkov

    Senior Core Blockchain Engineer

  • Marco Tabasco

    Senior Blockchain Engineer

  • Guy Muroch

    Core Blockchain Engineer

  • Dmitri Meshin

    Full stack Team Lead

  • Vadim Chumak

    Senior Full stack Engineer

  • Dmitriy Axelrod

    Front End Engineer

  • Andrew Baronick

    QA & Automation Team Lead

  • Or Sabag

    QA Engineer

  • Tom Kirshtein

    R&D Project Manager

  • Rotem Myasnikov

    Marketing Designer

  • Nick Plotnikov

    Wordpress Developer

  • Robert Drage

    Content Specialist

  • Yonatan Kra

    Product Manager

  • Moriel Camchi

    Head of HR

  • Offir Steklov

    Head Bookkeeper

  • Matthias Ang

    Head of Global BD

  • Lilach Stoler

    HR Manager

  • Shaun Gurmin

    Ecosystem Growth Manager

  • Phoebe Lallouz

    Global Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Ivan Corovic

    DAO Relations Lead

  • Pavel Krolevets

    Senior Go Developer

  • Matheus Franco

    Blockchain Researcher & Protocol Engineer

  • Brian Washington

    Product Manager

  • Amit Mazor

    Community and Social Media Manager

  • Alon Askal

    Growth Marketing Lead

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  • Lucy Fans

  • Semi-Gamers